Building the Web3 world of sports

User-centric WEB3 sports platform where participants get rewarded for their involvement

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Our vision

A future where access to information does not involve users offering their privacy and data.

But an effort to participate in the creation of better and more accurate content.

Participant Roles


Authors (2024)

Create content on Betarena and set your price. Mint NFTs of your publications and transform them into collectibles. The intellectual property of the content created belongs to the author. The mailing list and fan base are also owned by the author, and payments are sent directly to the author's wallet.


Competitors (Available)

Take part in prediction competitions and fantasy football. Earn tokens that are then available in your wallet.



Create your plugins and extensions that you can offer in the marketplace for free or by setting your price.


NFTs Creators & Traders

Buy and sell NFTs in Betarena's marketplace. Access the best sports collectibles!



Put your winnings to earn interest and multiply your income with staking.



Participate and submit data about events you are attending and receive rewards.

Betarena Role

The best information about sports

We create the most complete results and statistics platform on the market to grow the number of users and make your content shine.

Grow your audience

We take care of all the marketing, organic search, SEO, and partnerships with the biggest influencers in the market to grow your audience.

Complement the content

We create content through AI - NLG to complement the platform information and increase user interest.

APIs for participants to use

We provide the necessary APIs for you to develop your extensions and plugins for Betarena.

Take care of everything else

We evolve the platform, take care of all the systems that allow for fast and stable access, provide support and handle the payment systems so that you can focus on doing your best work.

Join our community

Join a vibrant community and get to know all the updates on Betarena!

Meet the Betarena leadership and advisory team

João Neves

João Neves

Founder, CEO & CTO

Entrepreneur with experience in growing companies with sucessful exits. Cryptocurrency investor and in-depth knowledge of blockchain.

Bruno Pinto

Bruno Pinto


Leading eng. teams for 25 years. PT, FR, UK, China. Executive MBA - HEC Paris. Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Babson College, Boston.

Betarena current Roadmap


Web 2.0 & Revenue Streams

  • Online Platform V1 Launch
  • Content Strategy
  • Partnerships
  • Advertisement Revenue Streams
  • Automated Content Strategy
  • Increase Team
  • New Design
  • Online Platform V2 Launch (BETA)
  • Break even
  • Reach Profit

Web 3.0

  • White Paper v1.0
  • Online Platform V2 BETA to PROD
  • Prediction Competitions
  • Buy BTA
  • Development Smart Contract and Implementation
  • Onboard new Investors
  • Add team members
  • Authors Feature Launch
  • WEB3 Features
  • Token Audit
  • Marketing and PR Campaigns
  • Presale
  • Liquidity on Exchanges
  • List the Token in different platforms

Web 3.0 & Scale

  • Authors Monetisation Model Applied
  • Participants Rewards
  • Exclusive data & Content access
  • Competitions including Football Fantasy
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Staking and DeFi features
  • Scouting
  • Metaverse and VR Features
  • Cover all Sports including E-Sports
  • Exclusive APIs
  • Extensions Developer Program

It's done

In progress

Future Implementation